Jhoanna Agudelo


Jhoanna Agudelo was born to dance 30 years ago at the well known world salsa capital, Cali, Colombia. She started dancing along her father’s side and looking at his movement while copying everything she saw. Less than a decade later she was dancing and performing everywhere around her native city of Cali.

Ms. Agudelo is a student, manager, dancer and educator. She has performed at several Salsa Congresses and international Salsa events in Europe, Asia, the Pacific Islands and South America. She is the director of “Constelación Latina”, current ESPN Colombia national champions, who will attend the 2011 ESPN World Latin Dance Cup in Las Vegas.

Despite having to transform her Salsa dance style into a more American form, Ms. Agudelo has never forgotten her roots and still dances Colombian-style. Her dance background includes extensive training in folkloric dancing - primarily Cumbia, Currulao, & Mapale, all which contribute to her very unique style and love for the music!