Rosie Bak


Rosemary B. Bak holds a B.S. in Dance from Wayne State University. Rosie began her formal training in Dance at the age of 10 and, at 17, began studying Dance at Henry Ford Community College. She gained skill through dance classes and through performing with the HFCC Full Circle Dance Company, under the direction of Diane Mancinelli. She also attended many master classes on the trips to the American College Regional Dance Festivals with HFCC.

From 2004-2008, Rosie was a founding member and Artistic Director of the popular performing troupe, The Luna Dancers. While a lifelong passion for Dance prompted her to accept her share of performing opportunities, she generally devoted her energies to myriad directorial aspects of unconventional performance art.

During her tenure as a director of The Luna Dancers, Rosie was accepted to the Dance program at Wayne State University, where she sharpened her technique by studying a wide variety of genres, from Contemporary Pointe to Congolese Central African Dance. She also studied Dance as a science and an art form. In 2008, she left Luna to finish her Senior Capstone Project, a culmination of her experiences as both a dance student and a working creative professional.

Rosemary began working as a personal trainer, establishing Life Changes Personal Training, LLC in 2009. She was inspired by the significant progress of her first client to help others as a Physical Therapist. She also volunteers at the S. A. Y. Detroit student-run Diabetes Education & Wellness (DEW) and Pro Bono PT Clinic for under- and uninsured women. She looks forward to opportunities to deliver treatment in various specialty areas of Physical Therapy, particularly Dance/Acrobatic Orthopaedics, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab, Neuro PT and Women's Health.