Rosalind Leath-Jones

Rosalind Leath, National Dance Week’s Michigan Delegate, is a Michigan Certified Dance Educator, Instructor and Motivator. She is highly talented and gifted with extensive performance experience in motivating and training students of all levels in modern, ballet, jazz, hip hop, liturgical and African dance techniques. Specializing in the Horton Technique of Modern Dance, Rosalind is also the dance teacher and dance program administrator at Kettering High School in Detroit. She enhances her student’s artistic experience by passionately planning and organizing competitive festival and camp opportunities for dance building awareness and appreciation of a variety of dance cultures and techniques. Committed to the literary art of dance, she promotes community service and character of dance to her students by overseeing their planning and coordinating of school concerts where the proceeds benefit fundraising efforts for Kettering’s dance program. She presents a blend of old school dance with new and emerging styles of dance techniques that motivate and excite her students all while sharing her love for dance