Professional Alumna

Rosalind Leath-Jones

Rosalind Leath, National Dance Week’s Michigan Delegate, is a Michigan Certified Dance Educator, Instructor and Motivator. She is highly talented and gifted with extensive performance experience in motivating and training students of all levels in modern, ballet, jazz, hip hop, liturgical and African dance techniques. Specializing in the Horton Technique of Modern Dance, Rosalind is also the dance teacher and dance program administrator at Kettering High School in Detroit.

Teresa Alvarez

Teresa was born in Detroit in 1991 and soon after moved to Oakland, California, where she discovered a love for the performing arts. At the age of 10, she returned to Michigan and competed with a local pom dance team and trained with the National Basketball Association dance team, the Detroit Pistons Automotion. After taking some classes at the Detroit Opera House, Teresa danced in the Nutcracker with the Cincinnati Ballet Company as well as with the Stars of Ballet and Broadway under the direction of Meg Paul.

Victoria Lara

Victoria Lara is one of the founding members of the Spanish Dance Company Alma Española. This company, which features local talent from Metro Detroit, was founded in 2003, while Victoria was a principal dancer with the late Dame Maria Del Carmen’s Grupo España. Alma Española, or “Spanish Soul,” is dedicated to preserving the traditional art forms as well as the more popular artistic form of Flamenco from Spain. Alma Española performs nearly every facet of Spanish dance from Regional and Classical to Flamenco.

Melanie George

Melanie George is the Dance Program Director and full-time Instructor of dance at American University. Melanie is a performer, choreographer, writer and teacher of dance, and a Certified Movement Analyst. Melanie has an extensive teaching history including positions with The Roeper School for the Gifted and Talented, and the Washington School of Ballet. From 2004-2008, she was an Assistant Professor of Dance and Dance Education Program Coordinator at Kent State University. Her choreography includes works for concert dance, theater, musical theater and voice.

Sonya Tayeh

Sonya Tayeh was born in Brooklyn, New York and received a B.S. in Dance from Wayne State University. Stage credits include: The Last goodbye (Williamstown theatre); Spring Awakening (San Jose Repertory Theater); The Endurance to Move, Battles, The Root of Me (Tayeh Dance, El Portal Theater); Quixotic Dance Company (Kansas City, MO); The Dance Company of San Francisco (San Francisco, CA).

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